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Unitec.Think. Do.

With an awe-inspiring and interactive virtual reality experience, we really got into the minds of prospective Unitec students.

Participants donned a Samsung VR headset and were teleported into three immersive curriculums offered at Unitec - but not before being exposed to a traditional lecture.

NeuroSky (EEG brain mapping technology), linked to our interactive 3D VR worlds, measured their brain engagement to see when their minds lit up most - lecture or the interactive engagement. 

Whether they interacted within a giant size NZ forest, an out-of-this-world music studio or a hyper-real vehicle workshop, the results were clear. Everyone learned that hands-on learning engages the mind most, hands-down

In fact, we gave participants their results to see for themselves and share on Facebook. Brains were switching on all over the place.

Coupled with a microsite to help potential students find programme information and send qualified leads to the Unitec customer service team, the experience was a complete end to end solution. 

Unitec Think.Do VR Experience

Unitec Think.Do VR Experience

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