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Postcards from Aotearoa

It’s holiday season and Aunty Tui wants you to join her as she travels around Aotearoa discovering epic vacation spots in our beautiful country.


We created a game that entices NZ's kids to add some fun, excitement, and anticipation to their family's holiday planning while reinforcing some of our great destinations and their cultural icons.


We want to spark curiosity and a sense of adventure in kids to explore their own backyard and discover unfamiliar places as well as those they already know and love.


As it did for many others, Covid-19 provided inspiration in a time of gloom. We saw an opportunity to reinvigorate Kiwis’ love for travel by showcasing some of Aotearoa’s vacation spots through an uplifting and warm-hearted game. A game that offers tamariki an opportunity to play a more integral part in the travel decision-making journey by becoming better informed about local destinations.  

Play it on HEIHEI:

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